Keeping plastic out of landfills in an industry known for the opposite was our genesis. Curiosity, experience and a unique perspective on the changing relationship between buyers and sellers is what fueled our desire to build something new, something reflective of our interpretation on how to succeed in business (and in life) right now, today.

Along this journey, we’ve met, spent time with, interviewed and worked side by side with countless people hell bent on making the world a better place – and actually doing it.

What we’ve learned in the process:

  1. People are demanding to know more about where their money goes.
  2. More and more people choose how they spend their money based on what happens with the money once it’s spent – the more good happening, the more money they’ll spend.
  3. There is an enormous need to fill and commerce has the opportunity possible to fill the need – connections are necessary, guides will be sought after and success IS possible.

Volunteer experience, board seats, post graduate education, political activism, big-league RFP negotiations and professional certifications along with award-winning sales success comprise our team’s breadth of knowledge. A desire to surprise and delight with information, entertainment and next-level knowledge of our clients and their markets is what paces our efforts.

Success for soGOOD means direct community investment, as our non-profit focused mission finds us investing heavily in the growth efforts of those non-profit organizations that comprise our communities, the causes our employees believe in, and the organizations supported by our supply chain partners. Spending money with us ensures a positive outcome for the community.

Commerce + Purpose = Making the World a Better Place

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Roger Burnett, CAS

Promotional Marketing – Story Brand Certified Guide – Speaker – Podcaster – Purpose is 5th P of Marketing – Sales Coach


Kara (Ward) Keister