Our mission

Our mission connects commerce with purpose to make the world a better place.

Our supply chain is curated around a mutual belief that companies can use their power for social good.

Our ideal clients are organizations in search of greater meaning for the dollars they spend and non-profits wanting to better communicate the value they present to their communities.

We’re passionate about the opportunity to improve the world around us. We bring energy, enthusiasm, and a desire to give our work a sense of meaning be it through our volunteer efforts, community involvement, or the surprise and delight you’ll feel doing business with us. We’re inspired to make positive contributions to the world, but we’re still really great at what we do: placing your logo on amazing products, creating lead generating events, and providing sales and marketing consulting should you want to change your world too.


  • Consumers demand to know more about where their money goes after their dollar is spent.
  • Consumers increasingly seek socially responsible products and services – authenticity is key.
  • Consumer desire to do good exists – we built our Company to fill that need.


  •  Direct community investment.
  • Financial contributions to the causes our employees believe in.
  • Increased awareness of the organizations supported by our supply chain partners.

Dollars spent with Social Good Promotions truly make the world a better place. Do YOU believe? Let’s get started!

Volunteer experience, board seats, post graduate education, political activism, big-league RFP negotiations, and professional certifications along with award-winning sales success comprise our team’s breadth of knowledge. A desire to wow you through information, entertainment, and next-level knowledge of our clients and their markets is what paces our efforts.

To learn more about the soGOOD team, see below.

Roger Burnett Social Good Promotions Brighton Michigan

Roger Burnett

Founder of Social Good Promotions, Inc. – Story Brand Certified Guide – Speaker – Podcaster – Author – Sales Coach
The biggest believer that PURPOSE is the 5th P of Marketing

Kara Keister Social Good Promotions Brighton Michigan

Kara (Ward) Keister

 Promise Keeper at Social Good Promotions, Inc. – Volunteer Extraordinaire – All around HBIC.
She only plays games to win