To attract Millennial and Gen Z talent, you need to build bridges to the things they care about.

Social Good Promotions Attracting Millennial talentStatistics repeatedly convey that more so than other generations, these potential employees are as interested in the causes your company cares about as they are about the pay and other benefits that have historically been the most important considerations when deciding where to work.

You don’t HAVE to have something to serve as a rallying cry for your organization, but you run the risk of losing potential employees from the Millennial and iGen demographics if a competitor of yours DOES.

If you are a hiring manager, responsible for evaluating talent for your company, or a human resources professional, it is VITAL that you have a strategy to communicate what it is that makes working for your place somehow better than the place down the street, around the corner or across town. By aligning with a cause that is important to your employees, you give yourself a fighting chance to recruit and retain potential staff members who will really care.

Promotional Marketing items are a fantastic way to communicate your brand values to prospective employees and recruits. By tying your values to the branded items, you send those prospects home with, you give those potential recruits the chance to remember what it was that makes your company stand out to them compared to other companies they talked to.

Social Good Promotions curates an on-going library of recruitment strategy options.  If you’re interested in trying something new, contact us for the opportunity to review your recruitment strategy and our library, and let’s see if there’s something that would work for you.