New Employee Onboarding Kit from Social Good Promotions

New Employee Onboarding Kit from Social Good Promotions

Create great first impressions with a employee onboarding kit!

One of the first impressions you create for your Company in the hearts and minds of your new employees is the way they’re introduced to their surroundings and accepted as a new member of the team.

Lots of Company’s put together a kit to present to each new employee as they begin their first days on the job – these onboarding kits are often a combination of products and information all meant to express a thought or convey an emotion as a welcome to the team and often are meant to instill a sense of Company pride in the very earliest moments a new hire spends with their teammates.

Social Good Promotions hand-selects products from our soGOOD Supply Co partners to create unique new hire on-boarding kits at price points to meet most Human Resource department budget constraints.

Additionally, purchases of on-boarding kits from Social Good Promotions support Livingston County area warmth based non-profits now thru April 1, 2020.

For professional help in selecting your new employee onboarding kit, contact Roger Burnett at 810-986-5369 or


Promotional Marketing in a Zero Plastic World


Zero Plastic Marketing promotion items from Social GoodIf you are responsible for putting your Company’s logo on products to be given away or somehow otherwise used to promote the Company, there’s a good chance you aren’t always happy with the choices you find when shopping online. Sure, there are lots of choices, but to an increasing number of people, everything just seems like garbage that is sure to end up in a landfill somewhere. Why would you want to put your logo on something that is going to make our environmental problems worse?

You shouldn’t have to. You don’t have to. There’s a better way. The #soGOOD way.

We’ve spent years searching for partners who use their businesses as super-powers for social good, and the factories we work with do amazing work in their local communities and society at large. There is virtually no cause or area of interest our work doesn’t touch, and our efforts have created scores of buy one-give one and donation programs for non-profit Organizations.

If you’d like your business to join the fight against any cause, there’s a good chance we can make that connection for you, and many of our campaigns are non-profit specific, so you can align your purchasing efforts with our curated campaigns or work with us to create something custom for your organization.

Requests for Promotional Marketing campaigns utilizing no products made from plastic are growing in popularity, with a 400% increase in requests for these kinds of solutions in the last 90 days alone! Increasingly, buyers are looking for alternatives to present a product assortment with a smaller ecological footprint and the supply chain is reacting with an ever-growing catalog of products and services meant to satisfy this demand.

Your Promotional Marketing items have the potential to help unlock the story behind your brand – take advantage of our unique campaigns to help your Company connect commerce with a purpose to tell the story behind YOUR brand. You’ll stand out from your competitors and potential employees will line up to work for you once they know what you stand for and what better way to communicate that message than with your branded merchandise!

For professional consultation on your “zero plastic” marketing promotions, please contact us.

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