Create great first impressions with a employee onboarding kit!

One of the first impressions you create for your Company in the hearts and minds of your new employees is the way they’re introduced to their surroundings and accepted as a new member of the team.

Lots of Company’s put together a kit to present to each new employee as they begin their first days on the job – these onboarding kits are often a combination of products and information all meant to express a thought or convey an emotion as a welcome to the team and often are meant to instill a sense of Company pride in the very earliest moments a new hire spends with their teammates.

Social Good Promotions hand-selects products from our soGOOD Supply Co partners to create unique new hire on-boarding kits at price points to meet most Human Resource department budget constraints.

Additionally, purchases of on-boarding kits from Social Good Promotions support Livingston County area warmth based non-profits now thru April 1, 2020.

For professional help in selecting your new employee onboarding kit, contact Roger Burnett at 810-986-5369 or