Roger Burnett Social Good PromotionsAs 2021 has come to a close and we ring in 2022, Roger Burnett, Founder of Social Good Promotions (soGOOD)  would like to share company events and accomplishments and look ahead to future growth opportunities and provide an update on its’ progress against their short and near-term goals.

Social Good Promotions is a 100% women-owned company headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, and was started in January 2019.

We were founded with a purpose-driven hypothesis that found us asking ourselves “how can we use what we do at work to make the world a better place?”

Our exhaustive research has proven that businesses focusing on a purpose-driven strategy experience the following results:

  • Outsell their competition.
  • Have loyal employees.
  • Develop raving fans of clients who provide quality referrals.

The branded merchandise/promotional marketing marketplace has an inordinate amount of competition.  Open up a new tab in your browser and Google “coffee mug”  681,000,000 (that’s right, 681 MILLION!) results come back in less than one second. The amount of available choice can be paralyzing to the average buyer of branded merch.

For Social Good Promotions to stand out from all of this competition and offer a reason for you to choose us instead of the online, low-cost provider, there has to be SOMETHING we do to justify the difference between those vendors and soGOOD to compel you to try something different, and in some instances with more friction in the transaction. We’re aware of what we’re up against, and we think we have the difference nailed.

When the business first started in early 2019, CEO Kara Keister would often ask “where are the orders”? While orders and sales are important, the long-term strategy I put in place was to develop client trust as a means to not only get that first order but to earn repeat business.

With this priority in place, soGOOD’s strategy has always been to “get accounts”—not orders.  Accounts place orders after orders on an ongoing basis while a one-time sale is often a “one and done”. Potential clients can easily buy stuff to test us and “kick our tires”, but our goal has always been to develop a relationship dedicated to achieving strong trust with the people we work for and with. When we get calls from our current clients,  they often start with the same statement: “I have this project and I am interested in getting your recommendation on what I should do” When we hear that, we know the trust is in place for us to be in a position to offer professional recommendations.

Startup businesses like soGOOD face numerous challenges to their success, but throwing in the Covid pandemic of 2020 could have been devasting.  While there were zero orders and zero business in April and May of 2020, we used that time to buckle down and collaborate with clients on fulfilling their branded merch needs and as a result, we were able to grow our business by 86% for the second consecutive year. Our previous experience in difficult situations helped structure the rapid development of our game plan. By working more strategically with clients on their needs we were able to fuel explosive growth in back-to-back years during what many would consider one of the most difficult sales environments in the history of the American economy.

2021 was an important milestone year for soGOOD.  The company launched “The Giving Tee” t-shirt platform.  Similar to our approach of suggesting products from factory partners that share our “help us make the world a better place” ethos, The Giving Tee works with non-profits and other philanthropic organizations to execute t-shirt based fundraisers to better realize their mission and raise the most amount of funds possible with the least amount of stress and heartache. On a personal level, Kara was recognized as a member of the 2021 Class of Rising Stars in the branded merchandise industry by PPB Magazine, a publication of Promotional Products Association Internation, our industry trade association, and as a Company, we were fortunate to win our second consecutive Pyramid Award for digital self-promotion programs for our soGOOD Interviews series.

While total sales grew in 2021 to just shy of $425,000, we’ve set an aggressive sales target of $1,000,000 for 2022! Achieving this target will be no easy task, but we have plans in place to get there. What’s most important is your support of our efforts. There are amazing outcomes awaiting us once we cross that sales threshold, and we are incredibly excited to share the developments with those of you willing to join us on this ride by buying what we sell. 

Our near-term goals include hiring our next full-time Promise Maker, bringing on freelance employees to expand our marketing efforts, and adding new consulting clients and new events to our portfolio in 2022 and beyond. These milestones will accelerate our vision for the organization, which is to hire and train a staff of paid employees representing underserved communities in the areas where we operate. The more we sell, the faster we’ll be able to add people to the team. We’re dedicated to that objective and it fuels the work we do, every day.

Coupled with our staffing growth is the aspiration of becoming a “B Corp” branded merchandise agency.  Currently, this is an aspirational objective, as the application process is purposefully and necessarily difficult, time-consuming, and thought-provoking.  The B Corp community is internationally renowned for being the safe place for environmentally and socially responsible practices and we’re excited by the work required to achieve that certification.

We believe we’re well-positioned for success in the upcoming year, as our mission to connect commerce with a purpose to tell the story behind our clients’ brands continues to explode in popularity given the state of our current socio-economic climate. Our work has unlocked some amazing collaborations between us, our clients, and local non-profits seeking corporate assistance on important projects.

In 2022, we will continue to lead by example in the following ways:

  • Offer free marketing services to the community
  • Volunteer at community events
  • Cash donations to non-profits

If you’d like to know more about the relationships with our soGOOD Supply Co. factory partners, we offer a library of interviews with our factory partners telling their stories about the ways they make the world a better place in tangible ways.  Please visit: to learn more and fall in love with your favorite soGOOD story.