“If we’re doing the thing, then we’re doing it all the way”

Kara had heard me go on and on about BrandWagon, the marketing-focused web-series created and produced by the good folks at Wistia. I wasn’t just a fan of what Wistia’d done with the project, I was sold on the idea that we needed to do the EXACT. SAME. THING. With each subsequent BrandWagon release, my thoughts crystallized on how wemight mimic the strategy while staying consistent with our own brand message. Kara was often on the receiving end of my manic energy devoted to bringing this idea to life in a meaningful way, and it was this comment from her that really kicked the entire project into motion.

A short five months after that conversation, I’m proud to share the release of Episodes 1-3 of the soGOOD Interviews – a behind the scenes look at the incredible stories found within our soGOOD Supply Co. partners and the impactful ways their businesses make the world a better place, be it by their Company’s philanthropic work in the community, by creating upcycled products and sustainable packaging to minimize waste, by offering buy one-give one campaigns at the product level, or providing employment to underserved and diverse communities.

To get here, we needed to solve a few problems to make the project come to life. The most important issue being the need for a talented videographer capable enough to comprehend our vision and the equipment necessary for a pro-level shoot without breaking the bank. Oh, and one other small thing: they needed to live in Las Vegas and be able to navigate PPAI EXPO.

Thank you UpWork, who brought us Jacqueline. Not only did Jacquie bring the equipment we needed, she set up multiple shots to make each interview have a more professional feel. It was daunting for me and the people I interviewed to get used to the hot lights of a video session, but the stories carried the day and we left feeling very proud of our effort and the work we had collectively done.

Humans are emotional creatures who use logic to justify their behavior. By bringing you the stories behind what happens when you purchase a product from Social Good Promotions, we hope you’ll see and hear firsthand the good your purchases can activate. Having your logo on a product takes on a whole new level of meaning when the product itself has a story – adding your logo to that story makes it your own. The way you communicate the story behind the product and its meaning to your Company will leave a far greater impression that just giving someone a piece of branded merchandise.

We’re passionate believers in the efforts of the supplier companies you’ll find in the discussions that comprise the soGOOD Interviews and we hope you are compelled by a story or two yourself. Check them all out at our soGOOD Supply Co. page. Once you’ve found your favorite, let’s talk about how to add your story to the narrative and the ways to take your newfound secret weapon to market!


PS – Thanks again Jacquie! J